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How to setup CloudFlare free SSL certificate for your website?

2019-02-06 ONE NET WIKI


CloudFlare can provides a free SSL certificate for your website. Follow the instructions as follows:

1. Add you website into your CloudFlare account.

2. Choose the menu "Crypto", select "Flexible" under SSL section and turn on "Always Use HTTPS".

3. If you have more complex url settings, choose the menu "Page Rules" to create your own rules.

Now you have done the settings on the CloudFlare side. If the https is not working well on your website, you should check your web application and set up all secure links for your current links.

For example, in a Laravel Application, you can set up all links to be https-based by add the following codes in App\Providers\AppServiceProvider:

public function boot()
    if (env('APP_ENV') === 'production') {

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