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How to send an email via Gmail SMTP Server in Laravel

2018-09-04 ONE NET WIKI


In order to send an email via Gmail SMTP Server in Laravel, you may follow the following directions.

1. Gmail account setup

  • Login to your gmail account;


  • Select Google account > Sign In & Security > Sign in to google:

    enable two step verification [Enter your password again and a unique verification code that's sent to your phone], then generate app password, and you can use that app password in .env file.


  • Select Google account > Sign In & Security > Apps with account access (if necessary):

    enable "Allow less secure apps".


2. Laravel configuration setup

.env file will look like this:


or like this:



Note: Don't forget to run "php artisan config:cache" after you make changes in your .env file.

3. Laravel controller file:

$data = array('name'=>"Joshua", "body" => "This is my first Online Email.");
Mail::send('emails.mail', $data, function($message) {
  $message->to('TO_EMAIL_ADDRESS', 'To Website')
          ->subject('Online Email Test');
  $message->from('FROM_EMAIL_ADDRESS','From Visitor');

4. Laravel View file:


Hi <strong>{{ $name }}</strong>,

<p>{{ $body }}</p>
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